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Printer Cartridge Recycling

Recycle Your Cartridges With Us

Help The Environment, Earn Money Or Support A Charity

Use the Cartridge Price Finder above to discover how much we will pay for your empty cartridges. Please be aware that we do not accept empty Brother or Epson cartridges.

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We are no longer making payment via cheque. This is because of the rising cost of cheques and because of the potential loss that can occur in the post. Payment by cheque is now a little outdated and slow because you could be potentially waiting for 14 days before the money is yours with the time it takes to post and the time it takes to clear.

To make the process faster and more secure we offer payment via BACs/Bank Transfer or PayPal and your details can be input by yourselves into your account so you needn’t email or telephone with your details if you don’t want to. Payment via BACs is the most secure way of being paid and is in most cases instant.

You can now request payment by going to the members menu and clicking on the “request payment button” Please allow 30 days from posting in your cartridges.

Please feel free to contact us regarding our payment policies or if you have any concerns.

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