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The Tibetan Education & Relief Association

T.E.R.A Charity

T.E.R.A. - the Tibetan Education & Relief Association including Himalayan Communities, Registered Charity no. 802974 - has been making a difference to the lives of people in Tibet, India, and Nepal since 1986. T.E.R.A. provides pooled sponsorship for the health, welfare and education of people from multi-ethnic backgrounds living in the most impoverished Himalayan communities. The charity’s volunteers meet their own expenses, so 100% of your donation goes directly to its projects and benefits those in most need - maximum value for your donation! I

n a highly-restricted remote area of Tibet T.E.R.A. supports a part-time health clinic, which it has refurbished to a better level of functionality to allow more families better access to healthcare. T.E.R.A. has also funded the building of a school with local eco-friendly materials, where the children from its sponsored families benefit from schooling up to the age of 13. Your donations help to support over 70 nomadic Tibetan Drokpa families living in harsh conditions, especially in winter.

In Nepal T.E.R.A. is sponsoring the education, health and welfare of 19 impoverished Nepalese Gurung, Tamang, Magar, Newar, Chhetri, Tamu and Sherpa children around the Kathmandu area. Their education enables them to take advantage of greater employment opportunities after leaving school, and to become part of the better-educated and skilled population vital to the recovery of Nepal after the devastating earthquakes in 2015. A month's school fees for one child cost £18 (avg) per month - T.E.R.A. needs your help to increase sponsorship to 100 children every year!

In India, T.E.R.A. sponsors the health and welfare of 12 Indian families, its Representative, and two elderly Tibetans (and others when aid is needed) in a remote, impoverished Indian community. The families include households of single mothers living alone with children (sometimes up to five people living in one room), because of abandonment or very little support due to severe family health issues or bereavement. T.E.R.A. has also helped with the building of separate outside toilets for people in the same community, which enabled them to apply for food coupons in order to feed their families. Every £20 in donations helps to support a family for a whole 12 MONTHS, so your donations go a long way!

PLEASE NOTE: T.E.R.A. is actively seeking funds to support its established and ongoing projects, which are its priorities for the foreseeable future. It is not able to grant funds to other organisations or individuals, so you will not receive a reply to an unsolicited request for funding. Thank you.

In partnership with Printer Cartridge Recycling a leading recycling company, we have developed a scheme to turn your empty inkjet cartridges, mobile phones and unused surplus into valuable funds to help continue our work.

If you would like to help us raise funds for T.E.R.A, whilst at the same time reducing the amount of electronic waste consigned to landfill, please click the button below to start donating your items on there behalf.


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