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Printer Cartridge Recycling

Recycle Your Cartridges With Us

Help The Environment, Earn Money Or Support A Charity

Use the Cartridge Price Finder above to discover how much we will pay for your empty cartridges. Please be aware that we do not accept empty Brother or Epson cartridges.

Child Aid EE

ChildAid has a mission to help disadvantaged children in Eastern Europe turn their lives around.

Through the creation of long-term partnerships with local organisations we believe that the ongoing circumstances and endemic limitations surrounding vulnerable, abandoned and disabled children in Belarus, Moldova, Siberia and Ukraine, can be transformed – to one of security, opportunity and hope

Established in 1973 we help children, young people and families turn their lives around, so that they can lead normal and productive lives as adults; even with their ongoing disabilities and additional needs. The support of key projects helps showcase, by the example of professional and compassionate local people, exactly what can be achieved; that children can thrive away from institutions and be integrated within the local community.

Every penny raised really can and will make a difference in young lives, so please help us by recycling your inkjet cartridges (used or unused) and mobile phones.

For more information please visit our website, contact us on 020 8460 6046 alternatively you can email us You can also see and read inspirational stories on our Facebook (#childaid), Twitter (@childaidrr) and Instagram (@childaidee) pages.

In partnership with Printer Cartridge Recycling a leading recycling company, we have developed a scheme to turn your empty inkjet cartridges, mobile phones and unused surplus into valuable funds to help continue our work.

If you would like to help us raise funds for Child Aid EE, whilst at the same time reducing the amount of electronic waste consigned to landfill, please click the button below to start donating your items on there behalf.

Click here to start collecting for this charity